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SCP ActiveX provides asynchronous file transfers. This means when you send a large file, the GUI does not block. This is extremely useful for Visual Basic and other  single threaded applications. You have a choice to wait until transfer is complete or you can set an event which will be fired after the end of transmission.

How to send/receive files from Windows to Linux/Unix with ...


Set SSHObj = CreateObject ("Network.MySSH")
SSHObj.ExecCommand "",22,"root","toor","ls"
Response.Write (SSHObj.Result)


SSHLib.MySSH ssh ;

/* set events if you need them */

ssh = new SSHLib.MySSHClass ();

ssh.OnError += new SSHLib._IMySSHEvents_OnErrorEventHandler(OnSSHError);

ssh.OnConnect += new SSHLib._IMySSHEvents_OnConnectEventHandler(OnSSHConnect);

ssh.OnDisconnect += new SSHLib._IMySSHEvents_OnDisconnectEventHandler(OnSSHDisconnect);

ssh.OnAbsentFingerprint += new SSHLib._IMySSHEvents_OnAbsentFingerprintEventHandler(OnAbsentFingerprint);

ssh.ExecCommand ("", 22, "john", "nhoj", "ls -al");

Visual Basic

Set SSHComp = New MySSH

SSHComp.ExecCommand "", 22, "john", "nhoj", "ls"


Browse our Online Manual for more details.

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